redbeardace: Ace Week starts Sunday.  Are you…


Ace Week starts Sunday.  Are you ready to Aware-ify people?

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Photos of Queer Life on a Sprawling Native Ame…

Photos of Queer Life on a Sprawling Native American Reservation:


Read the full photo essay by Jeremy Meek for Vice here

Lady Shug getting ready for a drag
performance at the West Colorado Pride Festival. She performed nearly
every weekend as part of her Miss New Mexico Pride duties.

Lady Shug using foam to accentuate her hips before a drag performance.

Sharnell Paul, a transgender teen, at her home with her horses in Dennehotso, Arizona. 

Paul, 19, was recently removed from the “Women of the Navajo” calendar after someone outed her to the publisher.

Travis “Buffalo Barbie” Goldtooth
sitting in front of Shiprock, a prominent landmark for Navajo people.
She identifies with both genders and uses female pronouns. 

Buffalo Barbie at home with her dogs in Teec Nos Pos, Arizona.

Lola De La Hoya at a friend’s where she often takes refuge from the criticism of her parents.

Lola De La Hoya’s daily regimen of
testosterone blockers and estrogen pills. A lack of transportation and
access to hospitals makes it difficult to maintain her treatments.

De La Hoya getting ready for a drag performance at Gay Prom, one of the few events of the year aimed at Navajo LGBTQ people.

Michelle Sherma and her grandmother
live together. Her grandma helped Sherman’s parents understand
traditional Navajo notions of gender and their daughter’s identity. 

A Binder Brand Celebrated National Coming Out …

A Binder Brand Celebrated National Coming Out Day With A Beautiful Illustrative Portrait Series: undefined

blackqueerfirsts: Mya Taylor: The first trans…


Mya Taylor: The first transgender actress to win a major film award.

N.S. students will be able to choose preferred…

N.S. students will be able to choose preferred name and gender in school system:


By the end of this month, all Nova Scotia students will be able to choose the name they would like to use at school – for everything from report cards, to attendance lists, to honour rolls.

“If a student enters a preferred name in their registration process, or if they make a request for a preferred name, that preferred name will be automatically populated into all areas of their school life,” said Joanne Syms of the Nova Scotia Education Department.

A high school health coordinator says the move will make a huge difference for trans students in particular, who right now run the risk of being inadvertently “outed” at school.

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actupny: On October 11, 1988, ACT UP members …


On October 11, 1988, ACT UP members from all over the country descended on the headquarters of the Food and Drug Administration in Rockville, MD, in an action they called “SEIZE CONTROL OF THE FDA.”

ACT UP activists demanded that the FDA make its drug approval process faster and more ethical in order to get more experimental drugs into the bodies of people who needed them. They demanded that drug trials include women, people of color, IV drug users, and all other people with AIDS who had traditionally been excluded from trials and therefore denied access to new drugs.

As a result of the action and ACT UP’s continued lobbying, the FDA adopted ACT UP’s proposed structure for drug trials, Parallel Track, which greatly expanded access to experimental medicines.

Read more about the action here.

Join the fight! ACT UP still meets every Monday at 7pm at the LGBT Center in NYC.



“I would rather see her lovely step
And the radiant sparkle of her face
Than all the war chariots in Lydia
And soldiers battling in arms.”

— Sappho, Fragment 16



Today is #InternationalPronounsDay, a day that seeks to make asking, sharing and respecting personal pronouns commonplace! Here are a few of many pronoun options! What are your pronouns? 🌈

wonderdave: The whole Pepsi commercial thin…


The whole Pepsi commercial thing reminded me that people always mis-remember the famous flower in the gun barrel photo as being a young woman. It wasn’t. The photo, taken by Bernie Boston, is of George Edgerly Harris III better known by his stage name Hibiscus. He was a member of the San Francisco based radical gay liberation theater troupe the Cockettes. He died of AIDS in 1982 at the time AIDS was still referred to by the name GRID which stood for Gay Related Immuno-Deficiency. The photo was taken at a protest at the Pentagon.