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[Image description: Yellow flowers with a yellow box in the center, and text in the box that says “I’ve had so much trouble; it’s a miracle I’m still here!” -Marsha P Johnson]

makingqueerhistory: [Image Description: A lapt…


[Image Description: A laptop sits on a wood table. There is a white mug full of coffee, two sharpened yellow pencils, and a sticky note pad. There are crumpled sticky noes around the table.] 

Did you know Making Queer History does guest speaking, lectures, and workshops?

You can book Making Queer History to speak at your class, org, or event over on our website. We’ve done dozens of workshops in Canada and the US about queer history, queer folks, and more. If you have an idea, we can work with you! We’ve already started booking for 2019, so send us an email!

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[Image Description: Leaves with purple text over that says ““Silence creates vulnerability. You, members of the Commission on Human Rights, can break the silence. You can acknowledge that we exist, throughout Africa and on every continent, and that human rights violations based on sexual orientation or gender identity are committed every day. You can help us combat those violations and achieve our full rights and freedoms, in every society, including my beloved Sierra Leone.”-FannyAnn Viola Eddy]



Hey, now would be a great time to become a patron of this project, having written over one hundred articles and working our way to fifty podcast episodes there are a lot of expenses that come up, including research books and papers. 

It may often seem like we are doing well, but for this project to afford all of the things we need, for the people who work here to get paid what they deserve, we need a lot more patrons. 

No matter if you are able to give a little or a lot, we truly do need you, and we appreciate all that you have already helped us achieve.

If you like seeing queer history being discussed, having a project focused on international stories that often get forgotten, or learning about things you may have never heard of otherwise, please do check out our Patreon.

Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum, and Occam’s Razor

Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum, and Occam’s Razor:


“In the hieroglyphs on their tombs,  the two men are also shown holding hands, kissing, and sitting next to each other; one of their portraits has them nose to nose, embracing in a way that was used when depicting a married couple. They both had wives and children, but they are not depicted often in the tombs.When they were, they were off to the side, never taking precedence or focus. The focus was almost always on the two men together.When they are portrayed at a table, they sit together in the seating arrangement expected of a married couple. Besides all of this, the names we have for them are not their given names, but how people referred to them. Their names together roughly translate out to “joined in life, joined in death.”” 



Brazilian Dictatorship and the Queer Movement

Brazilian Dictatorship and the Queer Movement: undefined

Grupo Chaclacayo

Grupo Chaclacayo:


And the belly of the queers—veiled in true roses.

— Sergio Zevallos

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makingqueerhistory: [Image description: Acry…


[Image description: Acrylic block on a shelf that says “Don’t let anyone people convince you that queer history isn’t important”] 

Right now our patrons are choosing another design that is going to be put up in our shop, this design is one of the earlier ones chosen, and we are so excited to see which one you chose! 

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Osh-Tisch, the Warrior

Osh-Tisch, the Warrior:


Note: The photo in the preview here is incorrect. The photo shown on the website is correct, and is a photo of Osh-Tisch.