“But the deeper answer is that accepting my disabled identity was necessary before I could accept my queer one, and for me this has been a long, hard-fought struggle.”

Unalterable: On Accepting Myself As a Queer Person with Dwarfism (via disabilityhistory-blog)

Simon Tseko Nkoli

Simon Tseko Nkoli:


“If you are Black and gay in South Africa, then it really is all the same closet…inside is darkness and oppression. Outside is freedom.”

— Simon Tseko Nkoli

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These Rarely Seen Photos of Early Pride Parade…

These Rarely Seen Photos of Early Pride Parades Capture a Shifting Movement:


Some wonderful images and stories here! For more on some of the topics and people mentioned within, check out our episodes on Stonewall (both its history and representation in the media), Harvey Milk & Marsha P Johnson.


Transgender People Are Not Included In Mainstr…

Transgender People Are Not Included In Mainstream History. Here Are 5 Ways For Anyone to Combat Trans Erasure Everyday.: undefined



“I think Zimbabwe would have a lot of ‘actors’ and ‘actresses’,” Carol says. “You’re always in character. It takes a toll on the mind. Sometimes it’s just making it through the day and saying ok I didn’t get arrested. I got home after sunset and no-one mugged me. No one spiked my drink at the bar. No one sent me threatening messages.”

‘A yes vote in Ireland will give us hope for LGBT rights in Zimbabwe’

makingqueerhistory: Fun Facts About Zdeněk Kou…


Fun Facts About Zdeněk Koubek

“I confess that I am one of those passengers that Fate put in the wrong train. Should I have caused an alarm? I chose the second, quieter way: I applied for a rewrite of the ticket.”

— Zdeněk Koubek

  • In 1932, at the age of 19, he broke his first national record and shortly after set five more.

  • He won two medals in the Women’s World Games in London in 1934 and set two world records.

  • There was an anonymous request for Koubek to be examined by Olympic-sanctioned doctors to ensure he was not lying about his gender, and Koubek left competitive sports entirely.

  • Writer Lída Merlínová wrote a biography about Zdeněk Koubek titled Zdenin světový rekord // Zdena’s world record. Merlínová was known for her writing on queer people, publishing the first Czech book about lesbians. 
  • Koubek wrote The World Record Woman, a 20 part biographical series, speaking on how doctors had mistakenly assigned him female at birth.
  • He held lectures and told his life story in America after coming out as a transgender man

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We are on a storytelling mission – help us out…

We are on a storytelling mission – help us out!:


We are embarking upon a new video/photo series to bring awareness to all our families—especially those who need it the most.

LGBTQ families are more likely to struggle with hardship such as lack of employment, discrimination and disability. We want to make sure their stories are heard. This brief questionnaire can be filled out in 2-3 minutes. We respect your privacy and your answers won’t be published. Thank you!



Something we have run into a couple of times is the idea that because a queer person was not also a good person, or made a well-known mistake, that we shouldn’t talk about them because they are “bad representation”.

So, let’s all take a moment to recognize that history does not exist to fulfill our needs. Queer people in history have never been perfect, and should not be expected to be to deserve to be recognized as queer. Queerness is not a synonym with moral purity and the idea that it should be, or that we shouldn’t talk about certain people at all if they don’t fit today’s moral standards is not constructive. Ignoring history because someone doesn’t think it’s nice and clean is the reason queer people are underrepresented in discussions around history in the first place. 

Princess Vera Gedroitz

Princess Vera Gedroitz:


“Princess Gedroits, as she may rightfully be called, was an extraordinary figure – and yet today she is largely unknown in the West.” — Chris Baraniuk

Getting Proud and Staying Proud: Navigating Pr…

Getting Proud and Staying Proud: Navigating Pride as a Disabled Person | Autostraddle:


“Ableism not only complicates our access to Pride events, but also to pride itself, as a feeling.”