Leonardo Da Vinci

   As someone who is and was widely popular in history, it may be odd that he made it to my list of historical lgbt members. However, the reason the famed Leonardo Da Vinci is being written about is not to commemorate his achievements in life, as we all know of his artistic and scientific endeavors. It is to celebrate his sexuality, which is never truly appointed in the common history books.

           To begin, Da Vinci charged twice with sodomy in 1476. While it was a common way to cause trouble in his century, there were multiple times he was charged with it again in later years.  Not only this, but he was never married, and never had any girlfriends—openly, at least. While this in itself is not definite proof of homosexuality, as there were people who did not marry or date, it is just one more fact on an ever growing pile. However there is proof of him having incredibly close with two different men. One being Niccolo Machia Velli, and the other being Luca Pacioli, the mathematician that Da Vinci assisted in writing “Divina Porportione”.

           While his life was long before even the oldest alive on this Earth today, most historians and biographers agree that there is a large amount of proof pointing to him being gay. However, due to the time of his existence and the times, it may never truly be proven. Though, that does not stop the LGBT community to hold him in high respect as one of the many figures in their community that have risen to greatness.


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