lgbtq-history: Rink Foto’s first celebration of his birthday in…

San Francisco Pride Parade, 1994

San Francisco Gay Parade, 1979

Lovers at the Castro Street Fair, 1980

Friends at San Francisco Gay Parade, 1973

Castro Street Fair, 1990

San Francisco Pride Parade, 1980

A vigil at the Castro Theater for the premier of “Boys Don’t Cry” (1999), a feature film about the life and murder of the transsexual man, Brandon Teena.


Rink Foto’s first celebration of his birthday in San Francisco was interrupted by a phone call from a friend in Greenwich Village about the Stonewall riots – and he has documented the LGBT movement ever since. With his photographic eye, Rink Foto has not only captured pictures of same-sex couples but also worked with many historic activst groups such as The Gay Liberation Front, Bay Area Gay Liberation, Solidarity, AIDS Action Pledge, ACT UP, Queer Nation, GAPA, Aquilas, LGADDA, HRC, NGLTF, and The Harvey Milk LGBT.

This post is a only small glimpse into Rink Foto’s vast collection, consisting of hundreds of thousands pictures of the LGBT political movement since 1969. For more make sure visit Rink Foto’s website for information about his work HERE.

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I’ve been receiving a couple of asks regarding where and when these pictures were taken so I just wanted to let you guys know that I already captioned them on the post. So just click on the picture if you want more info about it!