Early release! 2.11: Juno Steel and the Stolen City (Part 1)


It’s early episode release time, Travelers. For $4 you could get the next adventure of Juno Steel two days early… and this one’s a real hum-dinger. It’s one of our favorites.

What’s this one about, besides things stolen that are definitely too large to be stolen? Well…


“Look for a woman with one ear outside the First Museum of Colonized History in Hyperion City.”

That’s what the notice said to Yasmin Swift, both culprit and victim of Juno Steel’s last case. And ever since, Juno has been looking for that woman: for a month straight, while the clock ticks down, while the election creeps ever closer. He needs to find her, and quickly, if he hopes to keep Ramses O’Flaherty kicking, if he hopes to give this city a shot at anything better. 

Today Juno’s going to find that one-eared gangster, and he’s going to learn something very important about leads along the way: sometimes it’s worth leaving a piranha on the line if it means you might catch a whale. 

Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Traveler. We hope you enjoy your journey.