makingqueerhistory: This is it! We have finally finished the…


This is it! We have finally finished the first episode of our new podcast!

We have, a new original intro/outro song, a new microphone, and over 40 minutes of me and our new co-host Will ranting about queer history. 

We are releasing this episode at 7pm 6/30/17 for our patrons on Patreon, and will release it about a week from now on Podbean, Itunes, and our website for everyone else!

But if you want to see it early, and get exclusive access to the full original Making Queer History song, then please become a patron! Not only will you get this incredible bonus content but you will also get one of our rewards, and a warm fuzzy feeling* for supporting a queer creator. 

If you can’t commit to a monthly payment but still want that warm fuzzy feeling, feel free to send us a one time donation

*Warm fuzzy feeling is not guaranteed. Some other side effects of becoming a patron may include; a feeling of satisfaction/pride, a skip in your step, a queer creator being able to buy food, and even an increase in overall contentment with life in general. If any of these symptoms last six hours or more please tell your queer historian.