Some Help Needed



Hey there!

I’m currently working on some guides for trans feminine and nonbinary people, one-page documents on specific dysphoria-relieving items or practices like I’ve made for chest binding and packing. However, I’m AFAB and obviously have very different experiences from the people I’m writing for.

I’m not looking for people to teach me, I’m looking for guide posts. I’m doing all the research myself, but I might be missing things or not understanding what trans feminine people need. My current focus is chest enhancing in ways other than using breast forms, which are too expensive for my target audience (college-aged students, most of whom are new to presenting femininely). If you’re trans feminine / nonbinary and willing to, I’d like to know some things: what questions did / do you have about making your chest more feminine or breasts more prominent when starting out presenting as feminine? What did / do you need help navigating online? Are there any guides or resources you find especially useful when it comes to creating or enhancing breasts without using breast forms? As it currently stands, the guide explains how to measure and start shopping for bras, explains how to fill bras with inserts / household objects / other bras, and includes some do’s and don’ts. Even if your questions don’t change the document, I can try to help answer them if you need that.

I understand those questions can seem invasive and maybe I won’t get any responses, but I’d rather ask than just guess. I’m having a hard time finding places where I can find questions like this being asked and answered so I’m turning to you. I’d love to credit you in online posts and the source document I’m making for the guide if that’s okay with you!

If you have any answers to my questions or would possibly like to be a beta reader, please send me an ask on this blog or an email at Please include if you’d like to not have your responses published / would rather stay anonymous so I know if I can share your ideas with your name attached. Feel free to reblog this to spread the word!