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The War is Over

To get my thoughts, inspiration, and grand plans all settled in one tidy pile I am starting this blog. It will keep track of my novel’s progression and share bits and pieces of it with the world before it is done. There will be character aesthetics, sneak peeks of the book, and a whole bunch of queer adventures. 

So if you are interested in going on this adventure with me, please feel free to follow, and reblog this post to share it with others who are interested!

The Plot

A group of five people who were pulled into friendship by the possibility of a world ending is left with nothing but each other as the world continues spinning. Together they rummage through the mess their lives have become trying to find something left that is worth salvaging.

The Characters 

Amir– The hero and chosen one saved the world. Loves geometric patterns and wears ugly shirts, wanted to be a pilot. Gets cold easily and brings sweaters everywhere. Endlessly compassionate, and aggressively protective of everyone he meets. Cries often, and has never tried to hide it. Has pretty eyes and replies to spam mail. Favourite colour is yellow/gold.

Alison– Was kept firmly out of the loop about everything that was happening while it was happening because Amir wanted to keep her safe. Saw things but thought maybe she was going insane because no one else admitted anything was happening. Is resourceful but not quick to act, perpetually wearing work out clothing, was a cheerleader. Favourite colour is light blue.

Boaz– The mentor, who was sent to help and protect Amir. Kept a distance from all of the team to be unattached. Goes to a therapist and the farmers market as often as he can. Favourite colour is green.

Juniper– Was possessed and used to be much brighter and lighter than he is now. Anger just centimeters below the surface of his skin. Made up of wit, anger, and a superiority complex. Favourite colour is red.

Phoenix– Was trained to be the Chosen One but Amir was chosen instead. Wears ties and is very bitter. Makes stained glass as a hobby, wants to learn pottery. Has no memory of her childhood, but doesn’t mind too much. Goal oriented. Favourite colour is grey.