queue-gee: A Redefining Gaze Productions’ goal to create more…


A Redefining Gaze Productions’ goal to create more LGBTQ+ content is one I fully support and I’m proud to be a part of their FIRST WEBSERIES Instrumental Closet.

The show follows four QTPOC’s (queer trans people of color) journeys through identity, activism, and relationships as they break into the music scene. Being able to portray the guarded and sentimental Frankie has been a rewarding challenge. She is a small symbol of the millions of queer people without media representation (even if she’s a “huge jerk times infinity” sometimes) (actual quote from the show).

With that, please donate to our Indiegogo – which hosts our promo trailer – and you’ll receive perks. This will help A Redefining Gaze fill that representational gap and create future LGBTQ+ content. If you can’t donate, please share and send it to those who can.

Series premiere on October 5 on Youtube. And be sure to follow Redefining Gaze on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more updates. Can’t wait for you to meet Frankie and the rest of the characters soon.