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In 1941, Manfred Lewin (left), a young Jewish man living in Nazi Berlin, made a small book of poems and pictures. He gave this book to his boyfriend, Gad Beck (right), as they waited out an air raid together.

Today, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a beautiful online exhibit where you can view this book in its entirety, along with translations and additional information. It’s a wonderful little piece of queer history, and I encourage you all to check it out here.

We received a reply on this post expressing confusion about whether Gad and Manfred were really in a relationship given that the linked exhibit is unfortunately rather circumspect in confirming this and decides to call them friends.

To be clear, Gad’s autobiography very unambiguously portrays him and Manfred in a romantic and sexual relationship. For more details about that relationship and some discussion about their identity, you can listen to our episode of them here.