devotedtodiversityinart: Twitter is full of a lot of things;…

“Umm…I’ve got a webcomic. It’s about two Muslim men and they’re gay and it’s in India. Also there are flowers.”


Twitter is full of a lot of things; trolls, youtubers, dog memes, trump drawing things, alt right nazis, good comedic timing and celebs. But sometimes you can just happen chance on a really kick ass artist.

To keep it short and sweet, Akshay B. Varaham   is a 19 year old Hindu/Muslim who is currently attending LCAD. Their art is bright, alluring and captivating. Akshay’s art makes me wonder why some major art studios don’t explore stories within cultures like in South East Asia. There’s some really beautiful folklore and religious tales that is clearly illustrated by Akshay that could not only make for better stories, but for more diverse representation.

The last illustration in this features is of their webcomic; PUU. It’s a romance involving two Muslim men who are gay, living in India. If you’re enamored with flowers, then you need to check it out asap.

Check them out from the links below- jeriorliz 

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