Marsha P. Johnson, Pride

Marsha P. Johnson, Pride:


“As a transgender woman of colour, who took part in and incited riots, who was also was a sex worker, Marsha P. Johnson is everything that the queer movement has tried to pretend doesn’t exist. She is everything we should be proud of.

She was vocal, talented, generous, and stood up for the queer community time and time again. The reason she has not been forgotten has not been because of the queer community, but because of the people, she knew. Because, though she was pushed aside by some, she was loved by so many others. Her friends have worked to make sure what she has done for the queer community will not be forgotten. Though parts of the community may try to brush her aside, we want to do our best and aid in pushing her into the place in the history books she deserved. She is our history, and she embodied the ideals of pride in its purest form.”



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