queercontent: Sometimes I talk a little too irreverently about…


Sometimes I talk a little too irreverently about politics, and many assume I don’t care. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s simply a displeasure in the reactionary nature of today’s politics, and the subjective way in which people explore stories. In the end, it’s usually clear that their opinions are entirely selfish, and lazy, and that’s what gets me.

Minorities don’t like being minorities all the time. This is something you learn very quickly when you cut yourself off from internet social politics and start talking to people in real life. We want somewhere to relax and be ourselves without being told how we’re oppressed or what we need to change. Trust us: we already know. We just want a safe spaces to feel safe, rather than to be radicalised for this kind of social action.

And when it comes to returning to politics, I feel storytelling workshops are essential to engaging in real change. Here you shut the fuck up and listen to what people need instead of shouting over the top of them. For minorities it says ‘I acknowledge you beyond the labels placed on you, and I’m ready to stand with you against your fears’. Anything less than that is a cop out.

Storytelling is also the best way to build camaraderie with your enemy and get them invested in your cause, but you’re probably bored already so I’ll shut up.