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How to Become a Guest Author for Making Queer History

At this time Making Queer History will be paying any guest author 50 CAD to write an article for the website.

We will also link to any social media account on the byline and our Patreon, Tumblr, and Facebook, and will use your name(does not have to be your legal or birth name) in citing the author. If you do not want your name or social media accounts linked we will accommodate to that as well.

And now How To Become a Guest Author

  1. We will be paying through paypal so you must have an account there.
  2. Submit an article to our Email
  3. For your submission we will be asking for:
  • The opening paragraph, summing up what you are writing about and some preliminary information regarding where you plan to go with the article, must be between 100-500 words.
  • All writers must be queer, we want to be hiring queer artists exclusively, so if you are an ally this opportunity is not for you.

If you are chosen as a Guest Author, that’s great! Here is what to expect

  1. We will need a method to communicate with you as you write your article, while we will give you a lot of creative control we do want a bit of control over the completed content, so be open to edits and critiques. We want to produce the best possible content for our audience and we are sure you want to produce the best content to represent yourself so we will need to be able to work with you to make that happen.
  2. Sources for your article.
  3. A full article over 1500 words that follows the basic template of our previous articles, remember to add a quote if you can find one.
  4. A picture for your article that is in the public domain.
  5. We will pay at the end of the month through Paypal.