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Queerworks Friday is getting an upgrade!

A rundown for new and old alike:

Queerworks Friday is our community reblog session where we look through the queerworksfridays tag and reblog:

  • Artwork
  • Projects
  • Discussion topics for the Making Queer History community
  • Selfies
  • Donation posts

We will tag everything we reblog with #queerworksfridays. We won’t reblog nudity, but all other queer content is fair game!

This gives us a chance to see all of the amazing people and ideas in our community, and you get your content in front of our over 8000 followers!

We are also starting a new contest for Queerworks Friday! If you tag your original artwork with #MQHArtContest, you’ll be entered in our monthly art contest. One winner a month will win $40 and the opportunity to be featured on the MQH website!

If you don’t want your artwork entered into the contest, just leave out the #MQHArtContest. Nothing more necessary!

We can’t wait to see everything, so start tagging!