I don’t think anyone should be excluded from pride if they want to be there to help celebrate. sure I don’t trust police officers very much, but I’d feel safer if in everyday life I noticed a police officer who i saw from pride. I also believe that queer police officers should be able to go in uniform, and that they should be able to show their pride for their job. now, if anyone wants to have a level headed conversation about this, I’m down, but if you just yell at me, I will block you.

Okay, I think something that is important for everyone to recognize is that pride isn’t just about what is okay for one queer person.

Sure maybe it’s a fun experience for you, and honestly, seeing uniformed police officers at pride isn’t something that is extremely upsetting for me personally. But I have listened to transgender people in my life and I have listened to people of colour, and many of them say that seeing police in uniform at pride makes them feel unsafe. And I prioritize transgender people and people of colour feeling safe more than I prioritize some queer people wanting to wear their work uniform to pride. Because where they work is a choice, and transgender people and people of colour can’t take off that part of their identity at the end of the day.

I think a lot of the uniform is about coincidentally: pride. And pride is a great thing, but the Pride parade isn’t about being proud of your job, it’s about queer people being proud of their identities, and many queer people feel less able to do that when people in that uniform are around. So I think we should prioritize their voices and their experiences over the police who are why the first pride was a riot.

Now, I’m going to yell at you. Because honestly how dare you come into the inbox of a queer person, demand their emotional and intellectual labour without any payment and then demand they respond to you in a certain way. What gives you the authority to tell me as a queer transgender person how I’m allowed to react to you arguing about the safety of people of colour and my transgender siblings? If you wanted a “level headed” conversation about this you could have just, stated your question politely and if you had seen any of my conversations with other people who ask questions you would see I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. But no, you pull some gross power move and threaten to block me?

Not to be self-aggrandizing but you are one of over eight thousand followers, you leaving is not a huge loss. So take your tone policing and entitlement and go to that block button because I’m not here for that nonsense.