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sleepthemoon replied to your post “I don’t think anyone should be excluded from pride if they want to be…”

I’ve only ever seen positivity and joy about police celebrating pride in the UK. It’s probably wise to be aware of the issue some people take to it, so thank you for furthering my awareness of this issue.

That’s fair, and for some further context this is in response to a post specifically talking about a Canadian issues and I believe attitudes differ from region to region. But if you want to learn more about it I would recommend connecting with advocacy groups for queer people of colour in your region and talking to them to find out attitudes specific to your country! And your welcome, we always appreciate being able to talk to people about this issue.

There’s definitely opposition to police involvement in Pride in the UK, especially from groups like No Pride In Prisons. The police were disinvited from Sheffield Pride after they pulled a freeze peach and defended a bunch of ‘phobe Christian gatecrashers with a megaphone against the chanting queers at Pride 2016.

That is really interesting and thank you for sharing it with us! 

Here are some links for people interested in learning more about this!