queermuslims: A young queer Muslim makeup art…


A young queer Muslim makeup artist has opened about her persistent
pain condition, to challenge the stigma of having a disability.

Umber Ghauri mainly works with people of color in the LGBTI
community. She is truly intersectional, identifying as queer, ‘in a very
wide and ever-changing sense’ but also ‘Brown, Pakistani and a Muslim.’

And now, she tells Gay Star News about adding a new label to the mix – being disabled:

‘I feel the term is one of solidarity. Once I identified as disabled I was able to take my own needs seriously.

‘It’s about placing myself within a community of people who can share
their knowledge with me. But also their tactics for getting through
challenges, and their ways of managing their self-care.’

Ghauri is a persistent pain sufferer who has endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue behaves
like the lining of the womb but in other parts of the body. Symptoms
vary for different people, but it can cause a lot of pain. For Ghauri,
it is ‘crippling’.

text from: This queer Muslim makeup artist wants you to know about her hidden disability