5 Lesbian and Bisexual Women Athletes to Watch…

5 Lesbian and Bisexual Women Athletes to Watch in the 2018 Winter Olympics | via Autostraddle:


Every couple of years, the world sends its most in-shape humans to battle it out in various sports arenas for the enjoyment of everyone as they compete in the Olympics. And while the sports Hunger Games are a fun opportunity to take some pride in their own country’s athletes, the Olympics are invariably a time when athletes will capture your heart regardless of the country they represent. It’s not your fault, and it’s not treason – watching someone’s lifelong dream come true, or watching them nearly achieve it and fall short, is a relatively rare intimacy to experience in everyday life and we’re exposed to it on a huge scale during the Olympics.

And of COURSE you’re going to fall in love with the muscles and the smiles and the down-to-Earth, hardworking personalities of the athletes sweating it out for the gold, it’s practically science.But it’s also important to remember the absolute struggle it was for many athletes to even make it to the Olympics on physical standards alone, and then factor in how many of them grapple with additional factors like battling stigma about gender and sexuality in sports and WOW you’ve got some tough, driven folks to admire.

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