dates-anthology: The Queer Looks Kickstarter …


The Queer Looks Kickstarter is live!

Queer Looks is a celebration a selection of iconic aesthetics and symbols used by queer folks in the west from the last 150 years. We have printers lined up and rearing to go, so all we have to do now is raise the money to pay our artists, manufacture the two hard enamel pins, and print the gorgeous 12-piece illustration zine!

Queer people have been sending messages to each other through clothes and accessories for ages, and we’ve always had ways to find each other in a crowd. In the Queer Looks zine, you’ll find the carnation codes of the 1890s, the queer blues divas of the 1920s and 30s, and even the denim and pins of the present day. All these–and more!–are gorgeously illustrated by our crew of Dates veterans:

Check out the Kickstarter page to find out more information…and to pledge! Even if you aren’t able to back the campaign, a reblog or share can make a huge difference.

Let’s make a zine!