gaywrites: Athlete Gus Kenworthy’s history-ma…


Athlete Gus Kenworthy’s history-making moment during this year’s Olympics: kissing his boyfriend, Matt Wilkas, onscreen. More details:

NBC also openly acknowledged Wilkas as Kenworthy’s boyfriend, and panned multiple times during its broadcast to Kenworthy’s mother being surrounded by rainbow flags. While much has been made of Kenworthy being the first gay male action sports star at an Olympics, coverage of the finals appears to be the first time a major American network has shown a kiss between an out male athlete and another man during live coverage of the Olympics.

The broadcast of a gay Olympian kissing his romantic partner marks a major change for NBC. The network just two years ago covered swimmer Tom Daley’s medal run at the Olympics with barely a mention of his sexuality, despite Daley’s boyfriend Dustin Lance Black, an Oscar-winning screenwriter, being present at the games in Rio.

Love it. (via the Advocate