How “Jane The Virgin” Decided To Make Two Majo…

How “Jane The Virgin” Decided To Make Two Major Characters Bisexual:


When the Jane the Virgin writers room assembled for Season 4 of the series back in June 2017, they quickly figured out exactly what they wanted the season to look like. They knew, for example, that Petra (Yael Grobglas) would be falling for her lawyer, a woman named Jane Ramos (Rosario Dawson). They guessed that the storyline would fulfill a whole lot of fan dreams: Many devotees had been rooting for Petra to fall for a woman since day one. In fact, they’d been shipping her with Jane — the other Jane, as in the title character played by Gina Rodriguez. This new story would be a nod to that, as well as a way to throw a very self-assured character into the chaotic thrill of sexual awakening.

But the writers didn’t want Petra’s self-discovery to bubble to the surface until mid-season. They wanted to lay some representational groundwork first. So they started at the beginning of the season with Jane’s love interest Adam (Tyler Posey) revealing himself to be bisexual. “We wanted to be able to tell that story [of Petra], but we also wanted to make sure we were balancing our representation and not just doing girls making out with girls,” Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Urman told BuzzFeed News. They were aware, she noted, that female bisexual characters were historically rendered through a sexualized male gaze.

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