‘’LGBTI Pride Photo Award’’ brings in Tirana s…

‘’LGBTI Pride Photo Award’’ brings in Tirana stories of sexual and gender diversity:


“In some countries around the world we could have been arrested for just being here, for example in Russia this exhibition would be perceived as a promotion of homosexual behaviour. Therefore the fact that we are here in Tirana and peacefully enjoying this exhibition is an amazing fact’’ said during his opening speech Boris Dittrich, Advocacy Director for LGBT Program at ‘’Human Rights Watch’’.

Diitrich added that in a time when homosexual behavior is criminalized in 76 states around the world, exhibitions like this one, where the LGBT community is visible, are an important step because visibility means being present in the society too, this leads to discussions and positive things with it.

Founded in 2010, the “Pride Photo Award” foundation based in Amsterdam contributes to a fairer and more inclusive world by razing visibility and awareness on sexual and gender diversity.

“This exhibition does not mean to please, and it does not aim to offend either, it’s just here to present the reality of sexual and gender minorities”, said Erik de Kruijf during his speech.