APRIL 26: Lesbian Visibility Day


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – that’s right, it’s
Lesbian Visibility Day, everyone!! 


Gay Freedom Day Parade, San Francisco, California, June 1979. Photographer unknown (x). 

Throughout the year, it’s tradition for each
letter of the LGBTQ community to get their own day of celebration, and ever
since 2008, April 26th has been that day for lesbians. The origins
of the Lesbian Visibility Day are murky; no one is quite sure who started the
tradition or the specifics of why, but nonetheless, a day in which all lesbians
are invited to come together and show their fellow lesbians that they’re not
alone feels pretty historic to us! The presence of Lesbian Visibility Day is
crucial in not only revealing lesbians from the past who have been everywhere,
in every country, and at the heart of every social movement from the beginning
of time, but it’s also crucial in reaching out to the lesbians of today who may
feel isolated and alone in their small town or otherwise homophobic
environments. On every day, but especially today, we here at 365 Days of
Lesbians want you to know that we see you and we love you!  You can participate in the party by posting in
the #LesbianVisiblityDay or the #VisibilidadLesbica tag on Twitter and Tumblr! ❤