I saw a post telling goyim not to use inverted…

I saw a post telling goyim not to use inverted triangles (because theyre nazi symbolism) – including queer goyim. Didnt we reclaim the pink triangle a while ago? Is it disrespectful to use? From my limited baby queer knowledge its been an important reclaimed symbol- but I also dont want to be antisemitic. Any history/info u could supply would be v helpful (gotta educate myself n check myself)

Hmm, this is a complicated one and I don’t think there’s a “right” answer, but I can give mine as a queer Jewish person. As someone who identifies with a lot of reclaimed language and symbols, of course I support queer folks reclaiming those symbols (specifically, the black triangle and pink triangle). I’ve actually rebranded a queer student org of my alma mater using some reclaimed symbols.

That being said, there are a lot of Jewish folks, even queer Jewish people, who aren’t comfortable with it. The Holocaust is never not going to be raw for us. That pain can’t be erased. I‘ve had my own issues in conversations about this with queer goyim, but the issue (for me) has never been the reclamation of these symbols.

These are yours to reclaim, but as a goy you need to make space for Jewish people, especially queer Jewish people, who won’t ever feel comfortable with that. Acknowledge that pain, and try to avoid using those symbols in spaces (particularly physical spaces) where you know there are Jewish people who aren’t comfortable. Listen to them and try to avoid being on the defense.

I hope that helps! I appreciate you caring enough about this to ask, and I hope you have an easier time engaging with this issue later. The biggest thing is doing exactly what you’re doing—check yourself and continue educating yourself. We’re all learning and growing, and that’s a good thing!

— Dean