What is one part of LGBT+ history that you wis…

What is one part of LGBT+ history that you wish more people knew about?

Can I say all of it? 

No that would be cheating, but I may bend the question a bit and say a huge focus for me is showing queer history outside of the United States and UK. 

If I was forced to pick a particular moment that I wish people knew more about I would say the Hays Code, just because it would make it so much easier to discuss queer media in a nuanced way with more context. 

Articles focusing on that:

I am sure there is some hypocrisy in saying history outside of the US and then listing off something that happened in the US, I will make it worse and quote the American poet Walt Whitman:

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”