pls don't queerwash feminist history! man…

pls don't queerwash feminist history! many of the early suffragettes were queer women themselves! not just emmeline pankhurst's secret affair, but edith craig & clare atwood lived in a polyamorous triad with christabel marshall! while now's hostilities against lesbians were known, queer women of color formed many lesbian grassroots organizations in the 1970's. queer women couldn't rely on men's financial support and needed independence, so they were feminist foremothers for themselves and us.

Well, queerwashing is a new one. 

I am going to go ahead and assume you are referring to this post where I say:

“Feminism has a terrible history not being inclusive of queer identities. And feminist groups need to face that history and learn from it instead of just repeating the same patterns over and over. They need to be active in their inclusion of queer identities in their politics, and no, having a “gay best friend” does not count.”

And none of what I said in any way disputes what you said here. There were and are queer feminists. But feminism as a movement has a history of exclusion. 

Remember the lavender menace? They formed because prominent feminists were spouting queerphobic rhetoric. 

Want to talk names? Let’s discuss Julie Bindel, who co-founded Justice for Women described bisexuality as a “fashionable trend”, and ridiculously transphobic. Also she was a lesbian feminist, so being a lesbian and a feminist does not mean you can’t be queerphobic.

Also we of course won’t forget to include the Redstockings, who are your garden variety homophobes.

These are just a couple that come to mind, but let’s talk more recent. TERFs, the acronym does not stand from Transgender Exclusionary Radical Friends, those people are self proclaimed feminists. 

How about the more recent controversy, when Chimamanda Adichie said that transgender women aren’t women. 

So yes, feminism has included queer people in certain pockets of the movement, but that does not absolve them of their history of exclusion. Just because some were good, does not mean the movement as a whole can pretend that there have never been problems.

For feminism to be inclusive it cannot deny its history of exclusion. It must face it and learn from it. 

And if hearing about the history of feminism angered you so much, then maybe you need to examine yourself. Because denial of the negatives of any movement is dangerous, and if you promote that denial then you are actively damaging the people who are trying to improve. 

You can’t hide feminism’s problems behind the queer people who tried to fix them, and I doubt that those people would have wanted you to in the first place.