So you said queer history didn't start wi…

So you said queer history didn't start with Stonewall, which is not even surprising at all. However, that's all I've ever been told, so I don't know anything about the time before Stonewall. Do you have a tag, a masterpost, or some articles or something for me to read so I can learn about queer history before Stonewall? And I'm sorry if this comes off as rude or anything; I just genuinely want to learn the untold history of the community I'm a part of. Thanks 😊

First, thank you for coming to us, you didn’t come off as rude at all. 

Well, we don’t have a tag or masterpost, but I can create a list of articles we have up at this point (May 14, 2018) that focuses on queer subjects from before Stonewall.

Sappho, the Poetess
Kristina, King of Sweden
Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum, and Occam’s Razor
Josephine Baker, a Woman with Eclectic Talents
Queer Women and AFAB People During the Holocaust
Magnus Hirschfeld, the Founder
Institute of Sexology, a Place of Learning
San Domino, Gay Island
The Bitten Peach and the Cut Sleeve
The End of the World War 2 Series
Vita Sackville-West: Creating a Legacy
Langston Hughes: the Poet
The Marriage of Jane and Paul Bowles
Bjornstjerne Bjornson, the Advocate
Osh-Tisch, the Warrior
The Trials of Oscar Wilde
Sir Ewan Forbes, the Doctor
Frida Kahlo: Lover of Self and Others
Albert D.J. Cashier
The Golden Orchid
Queen Christina, Queer Codes and Queer Coding (Part 2)
Queen Christina, Queer Codes and Queer Coding(Part 1)
Different from the Others, the Beginning
The Story of the Ladies of Llangollen
Wilfred Owen: Dating Your Heroes (And Writing Through Hard Times)
Virginia Woolf: Struggling (And Never Being Perfect)
Tamara de Lempicka’s Legacy
Tamara de Lempicka’s Life
Federico Garcia Lorca: Words that Scared a Country
Bricktop, and the Happy Ending
Bricktop, the Fabulous
Frank Kameny
Sophia Parnok, Russia’s Sappho
Annemarie Schwarzenbach
Alan L. Hart, Part 2
Alan L. Hart, Part 1
Defining Identities in North America, Part 2
Defining Identities in North America, Part 1
Alan Turing
Hamish Henderson
Elagabalus, the Empress
Billy Tipton and the Question of Gender
Yukio Mishima
Kitty Genovese
Catherine Bernard: A question in studying asexual history
György Faludy
Edward Carpenter
Dawn Langley Hall
Zimri-Lim, King of Mari
Lesbia Harford
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs
Frieda Belinfante Part 2 
Frieda Belinfante Part 1
Eleanor Rykener
Redefining the Dandy: The Asexual Man of Fashion

I hope this helps!