Queer Muslims claim their space in the East Ba…

Queer Muslims claim their space in the East Bay:


“Choose discomfort over resentment” reads the tattoo on Shenaaz
Janmohamed’s right arm. The Oakland-based psychotherapist, who has
Muslim South Asian origins, defines herself as a “queer femme mama.” She
became a mother two years ago, and said that change gave her “clarity”
to devote her time to healing her community: queer Muslims. Janmohamed
is a minority within a minority. She identifies as a Shia queer, and is
in a relationship with a genderqueer partner (a person who identifies
with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders). “I
felt like a misfit. I am Shia, which is a minority in Islam. I have
always felt in the outskirts,” she said. Now she is claiming a space for
the queer and trans Muslims, challenging traditional interpretations of
Islam that portray homosexuality as a sin.