No Pride in policing: systemic oppression has …

No Pride in policing: systemic oppression has no place in our parade:


In 2016, Toronto police engaged in an
undercover sting operation and caught over 70 suburban, closeted,
mostly immigrant men who were cruising for like-minded company under
cover of darkness in a forested section of a large park.

Every man who challenged his charges had them dropped, a strong indicator that this was simply police harassment.

Of course, not every person is able to challenge bogus police harassment, nor should they have to.

The fact remains that it is not safe
to pretend that times have changed and the police are our friends,
especially as they continue to ticket, target, ignore, arrest, shoot,
and kill. And it is unacceptable to pretend that this is a set of
coincidences rather than systemic racism, classism, homophobia, and

We need to understand that these issues are linked, and that they affect all of us in our communities.