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happy International Nonbinary Day, y’all!

[Image Description: three painting of three different people

the first is a thin Black person with glasses and curly shoulder length hair pulled back partially into a ponytail. They are wearing a tshirt and jeans and a long cardigan striped with the colours of the nonbinary flag. They are looking down at a little bird that is saying, “Did you know there’s more than two genders? Life is amazing and wondrous and people are amazing and wondrous!”

The second person is a fat person with glasses, light skin, and long black hair. Theyre bangs are partially clipped to the side with two little purple barrettes. They are wearing a purple tshirt tucked into a tutu coloured in the same way as the nonbinary flag. Their arms are held up and there is a flock of brown birds perched on their arms saying, “Gosh dang, I wish we had such an awesome gender like yours. Nothing’s better than being a nonbinary person. A pity we are just birds.”

The third person is a thin person with tanned skin and short white hair that flops just below their eye. They are sitting in a wheelchair with their cheek resting on one hand smiling at a bird. They are wearing a black tshirt, burgundy pants, and a scarf coloured with the nonbinary flag. They bird is saying, “Someones insistence that you don’t exist speaks more about them than about you. What’s next? They’ll go outside and start shaking their fist at the sun in anger?” End Description]