hey this is super random but there's a ba…

hey this is super random but there's a ballet on in london this week about Frida Kahlo and it is absolutely fucking excellent, everyone should see it

Thank you for telling us! We did a bit of research after you sent this message and it looks like you are entirely right, it seems fucking excellent.


English National Ballet: She Said review

“Composed of three new ballets by three women choreographers, it’s a campaigning first for an industry in which most of the repertory is created by men. The show opens with Anabelle Lopez Ochoa’s Broken Wings, an impressionistic life story of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Its first 10 minutes are extraordinary, as Tamara Rojo – a witty, vivid and ultimately tragic Kahlo – is seen first as a schoolgirl, playing merrily with carnival skeletons, and then whisked through the defining events of her life: crushed in a bus accident, confined to her bed, and eventually painting away her pain in her art.”