Hey, your anon option is not open yet. Anyways…

Hey, your anon option is not open yet. Anyways I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I had been very interested in Kristina of Sweden, specially because of all the ways you can interpret her identity. I remember some time ago, you said you had new information about her and eventually would do another article or something like that. How is it going? There would be a way I could get the sources you talked about? All I can find is in Swedish and I don't know the language

Hello! I also clearly have a deep love for our odd King, and we did say that. I will say with regret that the article isn’t close on the horizon, and generally, I will just add some interesting facts to the already existing article. And when I said that I didn’t know that we would be doing a video on her, so that video ended up getting a lot of the information I was considering writing an article about!

As for sources, I have found so many that I have forgotten to write down when I was just doing research on my downtime, but there should also be some in the description of the video. I hope this helps!