“i love an ugly lesbian
one who walks with a limp
talks with a lisp
leaves her dentures out overnight by the bathroom sink
wears polyester pants and men’s cologne, the cheap kind
has a beard so long she steps on it
sprouts warts on her toes, all twelve of them
carries a spittoon in her breast pocket
chortles at church people
i dream of a lesbian who’s always broke
she doesn’t own a car, walks
streets barefoot, near and far
washes all her clothes by hand
steals from wal-mart
scams business-suited man
lights matches on her wooden leg
barbeques freshly plucked birds on her shopping cart
seasons them with salt, that’s all
licks her fingers in the moonlight
i crave a lesbian who’s fat and fleshy
so big she can’t fit through the door at starbucks
and they set up an outdoor café just for her
so fat she wears bangles on her fingers
her belly is a boom box
her stretch marks are hieroglyphic etchings
she’s so heavy, tectonic plates shift beneath her feet
so huge, lake erie is her bathtub
i lust after an unsavory lesbian
she blows away my lackluster day
leads me in a lambada, lights
lantern between my legs
lays my head down on lace pillows
humps me like a lamppost
lacerates me with leather lust
lacquers my body with blue latex paint
logs the forest for prime wood
builds me lakeside throne
sets me there and worships me
-goddess in bluelines my path with ladyslippers
ravishes me with sex words
pets me like little lamb
wins me by landslide”

— Ode to Unsavory Lesbians tatiana de la tierra