Hi ! I was wondering if you have links or what…

Hi ! I was wondering if you have links or whatever about early queer history not in the US ? Like in Europe for example ? (I'm French) but also if you have things from other continents that would be amazing, thank you !

We have a few articles you might be interested in! We very recently tagged all the article on our site with their relevant countries, and there are currently dozens of different countries!

Some of our earliest articles, no later than the 17th century:

Khnumhotep and Niankhknum, and Occam’s Razor (Egypt)

Zimri-Lim, King of Mari (Syria)

Hatshepsut (Egypt)

Sappho, the Poetess (Greece)

The Bitten Peach and the Cut Sleeve (China)

Elagabalus, the Empress (Syria & Italy)

Eleanor Rykener (England)

The Golden Orchid (China)

Catherine Bernard: A question in studying asexual history (France)

And for the heck of it, all of our articles about folks who were born in France, lived in France, or died in France can be found here.