How social media–savvy youth became the unoffi…

How social media–savvy youth became the unofficial keepers of queer history:


“The dangers of forgetting our history are real. Younger generations, as much as they may want to learn about the past, have little access to the history of their ancestors. Because queerness is not commonly passed down among families, there is no transmission of generational knowledge in our homes; queer youth lack a built-in, widely accessible way to learn about their pasts. In the US, only two states — California and New Jersey — require that LGBTQ2 history be addressed in school, while no such rule exists in Canada. And this April in the UK, after significant controversy, the education secretary affirmed that there is no requirement to teach LGBTQ2 history in primary schools. So, in the absence of family stories or lessons in school, the rare mainstream representations, such as a Hollywood film like Stonewall, have the potential to skew queer people’s conception of their history.“