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People of Pride #20: Jose Sarria

Jose Sarria ruled the streets of San Francisco both as Jose and as the “Nightingale of Montgomery Street”, read more about his lasting impacts here:

Reading the Rainbow: LGBTQ+ Authors Share Prid…

Reading the Rainbow: LGBTQ+ Authors Share Pride Month Book Recommendations | Bookish: undefined

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Time for us to start reviewing our colonial homophobic laws. Y’all this is huge, let’s hype up
“Rafiki” when it comes out! source

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historic photograph of a butch/femme couple, date unknown. found in the zine un bruit de grelot, 2011

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everyone is deleting the caption to this but this work is called “perfect lovers” by the gay artist felix gonzalez-torres. the piece is about the illness and death of his HIV-positive partner ross laycock:

For Untitled (Perfect Lovers) (1991), he synchronized two industrial clocks placed side by side. Inevitably, because batteries fail and things tend toward entropy, the clocks would slowly begin to advance at differing rates, out of sync, having moved, however briefly, perfectly together. (x)

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A QueerWorksFriday Update: Because so many folks are getting lost in the Tumblr void, we’re opening submissions for QueerWorksFriday! Submissions will only be open on Fridays. You’re free to continue tagging work, but if you want to make sure we see it, send in a submission! We especially want to see those MQHArtContest entries. 

On that note, if you entered the contest in the past and think we missed it, feel free to send it in!

A rundown for new and old alike:

Queerworks Friday is our community reblog session where we look through the queerworksfridays tag and reblog:

  • Artwork
  • Projects
  • Discussion topics for the Making Queer History community
  • Selfies
  • Donation posts

We will tag everything we reblog with #queerworksfridays. We won’t reblog nudity, but all other queer content is fair game!

This gives us a chance to see all of the amazing people and ideas in our community, and you get your content in front of our over 8000 followers!

We are also starting a new contest for Queerworks Friday! If you tag your original artwork with #MQHArtContest, you’ll be entered into our monthly art contest. One winner a month will win $40 CAD and the opportunity to be featured on the MQH website!

If you don’t want your artwork entered into the contest, just leave out the #MQHArtContest. Nothing more necessary!

We can’t wait to see everything; send in those submissions!

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Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson
New York City
December 20, 1970



Boy holding a pride flag at a LGBT pride parade in San Francisco, June 1988, by Daniel Nicoletta

makingqueerhistory: Queer history propaganda


Queer history propaganda

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“This kind of proves that we were there.“ 

This photo, their stories: in the first video of our new 5-part series, filmmaker Patrick G. Lee explores the stories behind specific moments in queer Asian-Pacific Islander history, beginning with the cover of a 1980 issue of the "Gay Insurgent” journal and the Asian Americans who took part in the first National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.