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Hey, I absolutely love this blog, you folks are doing some really important work! Have you ever covered Marguerite Yourcenar and Grace Frick, by any chance?

Thank you so much! I can’t say we have covered either of these people, but we have added them to our list!

I’ve just heard that my namesake Charlotte Brontë was gay. Do you have any sources for this? I’m having trouble finding any but you seem like the folks to ask.

Well, we haven’t written about her in particular, but I read a book called A Secret Sisterhood, which discussed her sexuality a bit and that led me to believe that she was attracted to women. From what I know (which admittedly isn’t a complete understanding of her life) there is evidence that she may have also been attracted to men. 

I can’t answer this one perfectly, but I can say that I think she was queer in some way. 

by "articles based on x country" do you mean the author or the subject matter? thanks!

Articles based in a country mean subject matter! Thank you for asking!

hi I was wondering if you had any articles on the history of polyamorous relationships? I've been researching the origins of wonder woman and william marston/elizabeth marston/olive byrne and I was wondering what other historical polyam relationships are known about/proven?

We have had the chance to cover a few polyamorous relationships! The first two people that come to mind in that regard are Magnus Hirschfeld, as people rarely talk about this part of his life, and Lesbia Harford because she was vocal about what we now label polyamoury!


MakingQueerHistory ( @makingqueerhistory ) has a brief, but good, intro to historical research – focusing on queer history – here.  It includes a great list of queer-specific archives to use for research.

Thank you for recommending us! We try our best to be a good starting point.


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You don’t gotta answer this but new logo/avatar? Looks great!

Thank you! Dean designed it as part of the 2020 changes, it was a really exciting change!

I know the term non-binary is fairly new-ish history wise, but are there any figures in history who used singular they pronouns or something other than she/he who may have identified as such if they knew the terminology back then?

As for pronouns, there is nothing that comes to mind immediately, but I believe Claude Cahun might be a good place to start for people who might have identified as nonbinary if given access to today’s terminology!

Hello do you know any bi women from old days like 30s or similar time ? I want to read about them if you know any.

It’s really difficult to find explicitly “bi” women from before the 60s/70s because we were all just considered “lesbians” until lesbian separatists kicked up out of our community. I guess many queer women who are considered lesbians in retrospect might have been what we’d now call “bisexual” so… it’s not easy to find them.

I would recommend checking out @makingqueerhistory. Maybe they have some articles about (possibly) bi women from the past. 



Inspired by @makingqueerhistorys article on the Golden Orchid Society I decided it was time to get the gold ink and paints out!

Absolutely love the work they do!

This is so lovely! I am completely in love with it, and it is a great companion to our article!