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replied to your link “Reinaldo Arenas: Rewriting Castro’s Legacy — Making Queer History”

Fidel apologized and now Cuba finances gender transition surgery while having one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the hemisphere. How is your country doing on those two?

(This is a reply to our article discussing a gay man from Cuba who was put in a labour camp because of Fidel Castro’s homophobia.)

I think you think I am from American and are attacking me on that basis (I’m not). But fun facts about Canada, we also fund gender confirmation surgeries! It isn’t perfect for sure, but it is funded. If it makes you feel better though, you are right more babies die in Canada and Cuba is rated three slots above us as of 2020

This next part may be a little hard to swallow though, none of this erases the labour camps Fidel Castro put queer people in. Not an apology and not a pissing contest to see who’s country is the best.

Here is an interesting quote from Reinaldo:

“I asked Saint Virgilio Piñera, to give me three years to live so that I could complete my body of work. Saint Virgilio granted me my request. I’m happy. I do wish, though, that I had lived to see Fidel kicked out of Cuba, but I guess it won’t happen during my lifetime. Soon, I hope, his tyranny will end. I feel certain of that.”

Reinaldo wasn’t able to see the end of Fidel’s tyranny, but I was. I chose to honour Reinaldo’s life, a man who loved Cuba and hated Fidel Castro, by loving Cuba and hating Fidel Castro.