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Do you have any articles of Finnish queer historical figures or otherwise from the Nordic countries?

We haven’t covered anyone from Finland yet, but we do have a couple of Finnish people on our list! 

As for Nordic, we have a few:

Nils Asther

Bjornstjerne Bjornson, the Advocate

Kristina: King of Sweden

Thank you!

replied to your post “Hi! I’m curious about the term womxn coming in to use recently. It’s…”

Basically people who are effected by misogyny even if it’s misplaced

Good summary!

replied to your post “Hi! I’m curious about the term womxn coming in to use recently. It’s…”

Terms like this do tend to be less inclusive of blind and other sight-imparied folk who use screenreaders, though! Just something to keep in mind, since we’re talking about inclusivity. ^^;;

This is a good point I hadn’t seen talked about in my research! Thank you!

hi! i was wondering if you've ever written any articles about intersex people in history, and if not, would you consider doing one in the future? (btw i appreciate your work so much!!)


Well, we have written a few articles that mentioned intersex people/people who may have been intersex:

Queer Mythology in the Philippines

Sir Ewan Forbes, the Doctor

Kristina: King of Sweden


Zdeněk Koubek

None of these are exclusively focused on a person who we know to be intersex though. Thank you for pointing that out! We would love to write about intersex people from history, and if anyone has any suggestions on that front feel free to send them in! Otherwise, we will be doing some research and seeing what we can dig up for you!

Hi! I’m curious about the term womxn coming in to use recently. It’s described as ‘being more inclusive’ but it seems to have ambiguity in who it includes and what that means, and it also seems to have some similarities with ‘womyn’ which has a pretty transphobic historical connotation. I guess I’m just wondering if this is a term actually coined by women of colour and trans women to be more inclusive or if it’s just another attempt at exclusion wrapped in inclusive language? Thanks!


I am going to be honest, I haven’t seen this word around too much but I did some research after reading your question and this is what I have figured out.

First, as defined by Ebony Miranda a nonbinary activist womxn is: “women and those affected by misogyny, or women-related issues.”

Just from poking around a bit it looks like it was first recorded sometime between 2010-2015, and it’s always hard to find an exact beginning of any word by this one seems to be rooted in American academic circles but has been picked up by different feminist communities including some in South Africa and Nepal.

From all I have read, it seems like it is definitely is meant to be a more inclusive term, and supposed to be a recognition of the intersections of marginalizations that exist within womanhood.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you all for responding to our request for spooky queer recs! I can’t respond to every rec individually because I would want to look at all you recommended before I did, which will take a lot of time! But I will do my best to get to them all, and I have them in a spreadsheet. 

I am sorry if I missed anyone, I am so grateful for all of you helping us out with it!

thank you for showing your support to asexuals, its really disheartening when an otherwise good source reveals theyre aphobic, proving theyre not really an inclusive or accepting lgbtq source

Of course. Truly, I believe this should be the standard, but I am glad we can be here for anyone who may need it when others are being so destructive.

We also always want to be better, so please do tell us if we have done anything wrong, or if there is anyone in history you think we should look at. Though we have gotten the chance to cover some asexual and aromantic people, I really would like to be able to cover more, so we are open to suggestions. 

Hi! I am interested in writing an article, but I saw on your submission form you're not looking for anything focused on the United States. Does that mean you want to avoid general pieces on the US or you would not accept a piece about a queer artist/patron working in the US? The latter is what I'm interested in writing, and I totally understand if that's not what you're looking for–just didn't want to assume! Thank you for all the work you do!

Thank you for asking, unfortunately, if it is primarily based in the US in, either way, we aren’t really looking for it. This has one exception if the person you are looking to write about is an immigrant, we are up for it! 

This policy right now is just because we have written about American folks many times, but there are a lot of countries that we haven’t even mentioned, which we are trying to rectify. 

Did you hear about the documentary coming out? The Lavender Scare, based on the book of the same name by David K. Johnson.

Oh! That is so exciting! This is one of the amazing books that have been sent to us by our audience! It was a great read, and I will definitely be watching that, thank you for telling me!

hello! I'm curious what the book from the recent post of dedications is, the one to "all mardi gras lovers." Thank you!

It is called Mardi Gras! and is edited by Richard Wherrett! It is a bit of an older book, but I did a tiny bit of digging and found a copy for you online if you are interested! This is the cheapest one that doesn’t come from Amazon that I found!