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Making Queer History Now

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MQH Now is all about you and what you’re doing to make queer history in your own community. We’re featuring one monthly creator, and we’re be looking at queer artists, activists, educators, inventors—anyone making history right now!

If you’re doing something amazing and want to be featured, this is your chance! You can find more info and apply on our website.

18 Positive Queer News Stories of 2018

2018 was a year full of triumphs and tribulations, and we’re sharing 18 of the nicest things that happened for the queer community this year. (Read Part I & Part II)

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2018 Queer Holiday Gift Guide

Join our 2018 Queer Holiday Gift Guide! Your work could be the perfect gift this holiday season, and we want to make sure it’s seen. Our gift guide features queer artists from around the world offering their art, writing, readings, and more.

This is not just a call for artists, but all queer creators! We want to share your queer businesses, projects, and works. It just takes a quick form telling us about yourself and your work. 

We’ll be accepting submissions through our website through December 1.

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Heyyy, queeristorians! Hope you're well! Wondering if there are any future plans for any more aromantic or possibly aromantic historical figures? Also, what's your (whoever answers this) favorite fact that you've learned through your research here? Thanks for all your good work! 😀

Hi there!

It’s definitely on our list! We’ve had people suggest Florence Nightingale, Nikolai Tesla, and Queen Elizabeth the First of England, so there are definitely some options to explore.

Oooh, my favorite fact. Well, I began my research before I joined this project, but I was able to continue that research and write about Eleanor Rykener who is one of my favorite people. I’ve read so many papers about her, and I’ve been over her court transcript too many times to count. I’m (slowly but surely) working on my Latin so I can try to read the original transcript. In the simplest modern terms, she’s a bisexual trans woman and sex worker from the 14th century. I love her a lot. You can read our article about her here.

Just a quick addition from Laura, my current favourite fact is about Everret George Klippert, the last man in Canada to be convicted for homosexuality.  And he was found while the police were  investigating an arson attempt.

Klippert was taken into custody, and though he was cleared of any involvement in the fire, he immediately confessed to multiple sexual relationships with men. “He couldn’t stop confessing. I think that you’d have to hold your hand over Everret’s mouth to stop him from blabbing,” gay rights lawyer and activist Douglas Elliot said.

And apparently according to another lawyer 80% of the things used against him in court came from his own mouth. 

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I just finished reading Queer Crips: Disabled Gay Men and Their Stories by Bob Guter and John R. Killacky. I haven’t picked my next book, but wanted to hear your favorite queer history books!

Making Queer History:

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