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we may not yet have reached our glory, but I will gladly join the fight

and when our children tell their story, they’ll tell the story of tonight

– found/tonight, ben platt + lin manuel miranda

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I was wondering if you could talk about whether what most people refer to as "Pride" (=the parades) nowadays has always been called "Pride" in the USA? Because where I'm from (Germany) we call it Christopher Street Day (which I love bc it's a reminder of its roots) and I was wondering if there's been a time in the US of A when it's been called that as well or something other than "Pride" and if so: what triggered the shift to calling it "Pride"?

This is a fantastic question! From the research I have done, it looks like the origin of that word being the general word used in North American parades comes from 1970 a year after Stonewall.

Gay communities around the country immediately latched on to the Stonewall riots as an event that brought attention to their cause. Just a year later, in 1970, a committee was formed to commemorate the riots. The problem? The committee didn’t have a name for the series of events it wanted to hold in honor of LGBTQ rights. It tossed around the slogan “gay power” for a bit, but when committee member L. Craig Schoonmaker suggested “gay pride,” everyone else agreed on the phrase right away. “

You can learn more about this in an interview with Craig Schoonmaker here.


Because sometimes, we have to make our own pride.

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Some Gay Pagan pride for all of you. It’s a present for one of my friends and I hope you all enjoy it as well! (Also, this was the first collage of the New Year)

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Flyer created and distributed by Lesbians Against Police Violence and The Stonewall Coalition in summer 1979 in the aftermath of the White Night Riots; Graphic by Emily Siegel.


Got the Pride Flag revealed in Philadelphia done the other day! Hope you like it!

Also, take a moment to reflect that if you are white that people of color experience not only prejudice based on sexuality or gender but also because of their skin color. Do your best to educate yourself on issues of racism to be the kind of ally you want others to be for you and stand with everyone in our community to make things better for all of us, not just a select few. Some of us have privilege despite the fact that you are not straight or cisgender, and it’s important to remember that.

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