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[Image Description: A black and white photo of…

[Image Description: A black and white photo of Nils Asther, a white man with dark hair parted and slicked back. He has a thin mustache. He is wearing a black tuxedo with a white carnation.]

“Hollywood is really no place for me. I stagnate here … I only feel awake when the air is fresh and crisp as in my native Scandinavia.” — Nils Asther 

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[Imge Description: A black and white photo of Li Shiu Tong and Magnus Hirschfeld sitting on a couch in an ornate room at the fourth conference of the World League for Sexual Reform.]

“Soon the day will come when science will win victory over error, justice a victory over injustice, and human love a victory over human hatred and ignorance.” – Magnus Hirschfeld⠀

[Image Description: a photo of Fereydoun Farro…

[Image Description: a photo of Fereydoun Farrokhzad, an Iranian man with dark hair slicked back and a dark mustache, against an orange background. He has his hands up, gold rings on both hands. He is wearing a black suit, a ruffled white shirt, and an orange boutonniere.

“Do not abandon the love, because you are alone in Iran.
I am by your side and you are in our thoughts.” — Fereydoun Farrokhzad

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Ondrej Nepela

[Image Description: A black and white photograph of Ondrej Nepela, a white man with parted, slicked-back hair, figure skating. He is wearing a black tuxedo, white button up, and black bow tie. His arms are out at his side and his eyes are focused on the ice.]

From the outside looking in, success can seem like an overnight process: a nobody one day and a star the next. Add the disconnection we have from most of history, and it can be difficult to see how much effort goes into the careers of the greats. That is not an issue with Ondrej Nepela, Olympic gold medalist, a man whose own coach admitted he wasn’t “particularly talented.” (Read full article)

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“There are also many people of same sex relationships in this country, who have been violated and have also suffered in silence for fear of being discriminated,” Masisi said. “Just like other citizens, they deserve to have their rights protected.”


In response to a letter from Dawn coming out, Margaret Rutherford, Dawn’s adoptive mother, wrote:

“Our love for you could never change; be assured of this.“

Happy Mother’s Day

What’s the most unexpected info you&rsqu…

What’s the most unexpected info you’ve come across while researching?

Actually in our most recent article I came across something that really surprised me.

In Kenya the Nandi people had this tradition of two women marrying if one woman reached menopause or was widowed without any sons. This wasn’t the surprise, the unexpected part is that they still exist. So in a country where same-sex sexual relationships are illegal, same sex marriage is legal in this area.

You can learn why and more about this tradition here:


Making Queer History Now

[Image Description: lightbulb against a colorful pastel background. Over the lightbulb, it says “How are you making queer history now?”]

MQH Now is all about you and what you’re doing to make queer history in your own community. We’re featuring one monthly creator, and we’re be looking at queer artists, activists, educators, inventors—anyone making history right now!

If you’re doing something amazing and want to be featured, this is your chance! You can find more info and apply on our website.


Here is the correct link for the survey! If you want to be a part of the Queer Art Market and are based in Edmonton please fill out this form!


Today we got to go to a queer book sale run by ASPECC, and picked up over 30+ queer research books, which we were only able to do because of support from our generous patrons!

If you want to see which books we bought, we show them off on our Lens!