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I couldn’t decide if I wanted to include the quoiromantic flag or the genderqueer flag, so I made a version with both.


Dyke March, San Francisco 2018


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A Guide To Non-binary Pronouns And Why They Matter:


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Being trans can be tough sometimes but it’s also a blessing. A sacred gift. A journey few can know. A joy! 

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When Walking While Trans Is a Crime

The NYPD says it’s taking a more sensitive approach to sex work, but not everyone benefits.

“People always think of a trans woman: ‘You have to sell sex. That’s your dominant job.’ And that’s not what everybody does.”

Read the full article in The Cut.

‘The Prince And The Dressmaker’ Is A Genderqueer Fairy Tale For All Ages: undefined


Let’s hope for more lgbt representation in 2018!

For Providers Who Treat Patients Outside the Gender Binary, New Health Care Standards Light the Way:


RAD Remedy, a nonprofit organization that focuses on connecting trans, gender non-conforming, intersex and queer (TGIQ) people to health care, recently published guidelines for health care professionals on delivering culturally competent care to people who do not fall within the binary definition of gender and sex.

The New ‘Supergirl’ Comic Will Feature a Non-Binary Character Written by a Genderqueer Author: undefined