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We wanted to take a minute to break down the r…

We wanted to take a minute to break down the rewards for each level of patronage for our fundraiser: 

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What is one part of LGBT+ history that you wis…

What is one part of LGBT+ history that you wish more people knew about?

Can I say all of it? 

No that would be cheating, but I may bend the question a bit and say a huge focus for me is showing queer history outside of the United States and UK. 

If I was forced to pick a particular moment that I wish people knew more about I would say the Hays Code, just because it would make it so much easier to discuss queer media in a nuanced way with more context. 

Articles focusing on that:

I am sure there is some hypocrisy in saying history outside of the US and then listing off something that happened in the US, I will make it worse and quote the American poet Walt Whitman:

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”

I know in modern history of the queer movement…

I know in modern history of the queer movement in the us, lesbian and gay men solidarity is pretty new. How about at other times in the past?

This is a complicated question because queer organizations as they exist today are quite modern, but that doesn’t mean that queer solidarity is. 

If you want to look at organizations that included lesbians and gay men, my first thought would be the Institute of Sexology, though it wasn’t particularly focused on lesbians since their main focus was repealing paragraph 175 which focused on relations between men, and research, lesbians and gay men worked together and there is a lot to look through here.

If you are looking for a broader example I would really urge you look through the history of rainbow marriages, while it wasn’t institutionalized solidarity it is still really worth the look and displays some of the most incredible stories of solidarity between gay men and lesbians I have ever seen.

Hi! I’m hoping to write my undergraduate…

Hi! I’m hoping to write my undergraduate thesis on the historiography of bisexuality and I just wanted to say it’s nice to see you out here working to uncover the queer past! Do you have any recommendations on readings about how historians engage with queer history? I’d be interested to see your go tos x

Hmm.. this is a fantastic question, I will say that some of the best books I have read that really deepen my knowledge about how to study queer history haven’t been focused on that. Two books that come to mind are Harvard’s Secret Court, and Surpassing the Love of Men, both incredible book that really showed me how to deal with these topics in the right way. 

I will say Surpassing the Love of Men does have some outdating terminology and ideology, but just read it with a critical mind and I think you can probably glean a lot from it. 

So I guess all together my advice is to look at discussions of the history that you think handles the subject well and learn from them. There are probably a whole bunch of books that I loved that I am forgetting right now, but I am in the middle of Surpassing the Love of Men, and Harvard’s Secret Court is just one of my favourite books of all time in general. 

So I hope I was able to help with this, and good luck! 

[Image: White background with an enamel pin in…

[Image: White background with an enamel pin in the center, the pin is a drawing of a green carnation slightly overlapping a drawing of a violet]

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“The word ‘homosexual’ has a clinical connotation, and ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ are often defined too narrowly. ‘Queer,’ on the other hand, entails a broader scope of practices than do ‘lesbian’ ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’ including non-normalized non-heterosexual consensual sexual and gender practices not easily captured by the latter terms (e.g., bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, and other sexual/gender practices). In other words, ‘queer’ allows us to point towards the diverse social character of sexual and gender practices and identifications that do not fall under the rigid categories of ‘lesbian’, ‘gay’,’bisexual’ or ‘heterosexual’-or even ‘male’ and ‘female’”

— Canada’s War on Queers


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Quoiromantic: experiencing something between platonic and romantic attraction or being unable to differentiate between platonic and romantic or not knowing what romantic attraction feels like so not knowing if you experience it.

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