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Queer Muslims claim their space in the East Ba…

Queer Muslims claim their space in the East Bay:


“Choose discomfort over resentment” reads the tattoo on Shenaaz
Janmohamed’s right arm. The Oakland-based psychotherapist, who has
Muslim South Asian origins, defines herself as a “queer femme mama.” She
became a mother two years ago, and said that change gave her “clarity”
to devote her time to healing her community: queer Muslims. Janmohamed
is a minority within a minority. She identifies as a Shia queer, and is
in a relationship with a genderqueer partner (a person who identifies
with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders). “I
felt like a misfit. I am Shia, which is a minority in Islam. I have
always felt in the outskirts,” she said. Now she is claiming a space for
the queer and trans Muslims, challenging traditional interpretations of
Islam that portray homosexuality as a sin.

justinhubbell: Page 1 – stay tuned, lovelies!


Page 1 – stay tuned, lovelies!

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40 Years Ago, Mexico Released a Trans-Themed F…

40 Years Ago, Mexico Released a Trans-Themed Film Better Than Most Trans Cinema Today:


Not only was the film the first of Mexican cinema to be supportive of queer or trans struggles, it also presented audiences with an understanding of the sexual and physical violence faced by trans women and sex workers. Read the full article here. You can watch the movie on Youtube.

upandoutcomic: My book, Super Late Bloomer, c…


My book, Super Late Bloomer, comes out TOMORROW!!! Last chance to preorder:

Never could’ve imagined that day in July two years ago I’d be at this point.

I had no idea I’d find so much support out there. ❤️



“I think a lot about how clubs are almost like queer churches. You go and congregate and you dance. That’s always been a sacred experience for me, although it’s been both positive and negative.”

— Olly Alexander of Years & Years, from this BBC interview (Apr. 2018)

gaywrites: In the past couple months, we’ve s…


In the past couple months, we’ve seen white supremacists spreading fliers around and spraying graffiti. That just didn’t happen in Vermont. We’re not insulated from the rest of America.

I’ll be the leader who makes sure we turn that tide backward.

The past year has been a historic one for LGBTQ candidates across the country—with more gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people running for office (and winning) than ever before. Why do you think this seismic shift is happening?

I believe the reason I’m running is the reason many folks are running. I was pretty apathetic from a political standpoint up until Nov. 9. We had Obama in office. Like many folks, I never believed America would do what it did on [election day]. What you’re seeing all across the country is not just historic numbers of LGBTQ candidates but historic numbers of women entering the race.

Let’s put it this way: I believe that 2018 will be one of our most historic years in America. I believe our children and our children’s children will look back and say: “That’s the year we made history.”

Meet Christine Hallquist, the first transgender candidate for governor of Vermont. Read the full interview with Into here

upandoutcomic: One more week til my book Supe…


One more week til my book Super Late Bloomer comes out on May 1st!! (Preorder here:

There’s a lot more to being a woman than feelin’ pretty, but dang it if lovin’ yourself isn’t important.

Sixty-Two Films About LGBTQ+ Teens That Aren’t…

Sixty-Two Films About LGBTQ+ Teens That Aren’t Love, Simon | The Pool:


It’s great that a film with a gay protagonist has created this much support and this much conversation. The problem is that there’s something fundamentally wrong with the conversation we’re having. In the marketing of this film – and the numerous think-pieces written about it – you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was the first film about LGBTQ+ teens to have existed, ever. And it’s not. Not even close. Yes, Love, Simon is a step forward as it is *takes a deep breath* the first LGBTQ+ teen romcom released by a major studio, but that’s quite a niche accolade. It’s important and great and it’s a good thing it exists, but it’s not as groundbreaking as the hype would have you believe.

And that’s a good thing! It’s great that there are loads of LGBTQ+ teen films out there already; it’s just important that, when talking about the progress we are making with Love, Simon, we don’t ignore them. For one thing, it erases the queer filmmakers who have been doing the work and creating these stories for decades, when big studios wouldn’t have dreamed of picking them up.

What’s your favorite queer teen movie? Read the full thing here

gaywrites: Meet Marvia Malik, Pakistan’s firs…


Meet Marvia Malik, Pakistan’s first transgender TV news anchor! (via BBC)

Maryland to open a public elementary school na…

Maryland to open a public elementary school named for Bayard Rustin:


This fall, Rockville, Maryland’s newest public elementary school will be the first in the district named for an openly gay person: Bayard Rustin. 

Advocates say naming the school Bayard Rustin Elementary is a way to fight stigma, honor a civil rights legend who is often overlooked, and uplift and validate LGBTQ students. 

“As a queer student, even in a progressive area, I was raised in a society that still attaches shame to my identity,” Jamie Griffith, a senior from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, testified to the board. “So a Bayard Rustin Elementary School is not only a well-deserved homage to a civil rights leader and hero, but a way to break stigma and give hope to future students who no longer have to feel trapped in the closet.”

Naming the school after Rustin would also raise awareness of an activist who’s largely been ignored by history because of his identity, advocates said Thursday. Rustin stood alongside Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement and was a leading organizer of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963. […]

The recognition of LGBTQ identities is gaining additional significance in the current political climate, testified Gabriel Acevero, a Montgomery Village resident who is running for state delegate.

“We have a hostile administration that is intent on erasing LGBTQ folks, recently taking us off the Census and banning transgender Americans from serving their country,” Acevero said. “Now more than ever we need to affirm LGBTQ youth, and that’s why Bayard Rustin is such a powerful name for this school.”

Could not love this more.