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Last month we were able to get some amazing new patrons, and more than anything right now we want to hit our next goal. 

Right now we are seventeen dollars away from being able to do a bi-monthly chat with all of our amazing patrons, which is incredibly exciting. As we have grown we have definitely gathered an amazing group of people who support this project, and we are really excited by the possibility of talking with some of you one-on-one.

On most of our social media, we try to keep up with responding to messages and asks we get sent but often a lot falls through the cracks. This would be a way for us to talk directly with all of you, share behind the scenes tidbits, answer a lot of your questions, hear suggestions, and honestly just chat with all of you. 

If you want to help us reach this goal, please become a patron, it helps us so much, and especially around the end of the year we really could use all the support we can get. 

How to keep up with Making Queer History outsi…

How to keep up with Making Queer History outside of Tumblr

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Guyana strikes down law against ‘improper’ cro…

Guyana strikes down law against ‘improper’ cross-dressing:

After an eight-year battle through Guyana’s courts, a panel of five judges at the CCJ ruled the law was too vague, violated citizens’ rights and could not stand.

“Difference is as natural as breathing,” said the CCJ president Mr. Justice Saunders in the ruling.

“No one should have his or her dignity trampled on, or human rights denied, merely on account of a difference, especially one that poses no threat to public safety or public order.”

The ruling also condemned the remarks of the magistrate involved in the earlier case, saying “judicial officers may not use the bench to proselytize, whether before, during or after the conclusion of court proceedings”.

Guyana’s transgender activists fight archaic l…

Guyana’s transgender activists fight archaic law:

[S]eeking justice as a transgender woman is not easy in Guyana due to a colonial-era law, now 124 years old, that criminalises cross-dressing.

Passed in 1893 when Guyana was still a British colony
Makes it illegal for men to dress as a woman and vice versa, if done for “any improper purpose”
The definition of “any improper purpose” is open to interpretation by magistrates
Its opponents say it is open to abuse as its wording is “vague” and “broad”

This woman just made history for all trans peo…

This woman just made history for all trans people in her country:

For the first time, a trans woman has taken on the most prestigious role in Iceland’s national day celebrations.

Eva Ágústa Aradóttir, an LGBT activist and photographer, was asked to be the Lady of the Mountain, a personification of the country who represents all its best qualities.

During Saturday’s national holiday, she stood on a stage in the middle of the celebrations and read a poem – a tradition established in 1944, when Iceland became a republic.


All of your queer heroes made mistakes. Big ones, small ones, forgotten ones, remembered ones. Remember that this week, when you fail, no matter how big or small the failure is, you are not the first one who has made it and you probably won’t be the last. Fix it, keep going, you are doing great.

The Golden Orchid

The Golden Orchid: undefined

[Image description: mug with a succulent on it…

[Image description: mug with a succulent on it, a coffee stain around it, and text over it that says: “Per scientiam ad justitiam”] 

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Hey, now would be a great time to become a patron of this project, having written over one hundred articles and working our way to fifty podcast episodes there are a lot of expenses that come up, including research books and papers. 

It may often seem like we are doing well, but for this project to afford all of the things we need, for the people who work here to get paid what they deserve, we need a lot more patrons. 

No matter if you are able to give a little or a lot, we truly do need you, and we appreciate all that you have already helped us achieve.

If you like seeing queer history being discussed, having a project focused on international stories that often get forgotten, or learning about things you may have never heard of otherwise, please do check out our Patreon.

[Image Description: empty red theatre chairs w…

[Image Description: empty red theatre chairs with a black frame over the image with text inside also in black that says: “[Victim] was the
first film in which a man said ‘I love you’ to another man. I wrote that scene in.
I said ‘There’s no point in half-measures. We either make a film about queers or we don’t.’” -Dirk Bogard 1961]
With both film and television still relying heavily on queer coding it is interesting to see how some people from the past viewed the topic. We talk more about this concept in our Queer Codes and Coding series, which explores the origin of queer film, and queer codes and how we got to where we are.