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Thank you for reading and sharing! <3
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Being trans can be tough sometimes but it’s also a blessing. A sacred gift. A journey few can know. A joy! 

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When Walking While Trans Is a Crime

The NYPD says it’s taking a more sensitive approach to sex work, but not everyone benefits.

“People always think of a trans woman: ‘You have to sell sex. That’s your dominant job.’ And that’s not what everybody does.”

Read the full article in The Cut.

‘The Prince And The Dressmaker’ Is A Genderque…

‘The Prince And The Dressmaker’ Is A Genderqueer Fairy Tale For All Ages: undefined



LGBTQ Youth, Your Identity Should Not Be “Cont…

LGBTQ Youth, Your Identity Should Not Be “Controversial”:


As an individual, you are the expert on how you identify.

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[Image Description: A picture of multiple succulent plants sitting together with text that reads “not all nonbinary people are the same”]

nonbinary people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, from all backgrounds and all walks of life, from all the different places in the world. there is not only one nonbinary experience but millions of potential nonbinary experiences.

we should celebrate diversity among nonbinary identities, not shun it.

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What can intersex look like?

“My intersex variation is gonadal dysgenesis. I found out at age 15 when I still hadn’t gotten a period. I have XY chromosomes and I have to take estrogen to help my bone health because I was born without ovaries.”

“My intersex variation is congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). I found out at birth. CAH is one of few intersex variations with additional medical considerations, because it affects the body’s ability to produce stress hormones. I take testosterone and I identify as transgender.”

“My intersex variation is complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS). That means my body developed in a way that is “tipically” female, but I was born with XY chromosomes and internal testes instead of ovaries. My body is insensitive to testosterone, so it converts it to estrogen instead.“

"My intersex variation is parcial androgen insensitivity syndrome (PAIS). That means I only partially responded to testosterone in the womb. (Because of this, people with PAIS may havve an ambiguous sex at birth.) My parents found out I have PAIS when I was born. I have XY chromosomes and I identify as transgender.”

Doctors often encourage surgical removal for female-identified intersex people who have internal testes. However, this is NOT medically necessary and has more to do with society’s views on sex and gender. Removing hormone producing organs makes a person reliant on the medical industry for external hormones! Similar to other LGBT groups, intersex people struggle for bodily autonomy. We may have to fight against surgeries we don’t want.

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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: “Top 10 reasons for new patrons” over a pastel, brushstroke background]

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Learning queer history is great, but making queer history is far greater.

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[Image: background of rainbow watercolour bricks with black text in front. Text: Making Queer History Project of the Month]

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Let’s hope for more lgbt representation in 2018!