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we may not yet have reached our glory, but I will gladly join the fight

and when our children tell their story, they’ll tell the story of tonight

– found/tonight, ben platt + lin manuel miranda

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Bajazid Doda

The way we tell stories is often just as important as the stories we choose to tell. Today we look at the footnote, the home of many queer people throughout history, and we look closer. (Read full article)

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These 9 Photos Offer a Glimpse Into the Daily Lives of LGBTQ+ Serbians: undefined


You know what’s so great about this picture? You can’t see my chest.

As a pre transitioned transman I experience a lot of dysphoria with my chest area. Some days it’s very difficult and it’s all I think about… while some days it’s just a passing thought.

Regardless, I get out there assert myself as the man I am chest or not. Buttttt sometimes pictures catch me off guard like this one and give me hope that I will be able to have my body align with my mind.

But until then: I am still valid, I am still manly as hell, and I am still Harrison.