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Hey, we have a couple of questions in our inbox asking for additional queer history resources, and we wanted to give you all some cool options!

These are all projects that have a base outside of social media so we might not have some of your favourites included.


Queer as Fact: We love this project, and they are doing some great work. They have so much detail and passion going into the work they do, check them out! @queerasfact

Making Gay History: Yes, our names are surprisingly similar, yes, it was a total coincidence, you can find out more about how we came up with our name on our Q&A patron exclusive podcast episode. They are also just an amazing project, they had tons of interviews along with a couple of other cool things, and have recorded an incredible amount of oral history. If you are looking for details into the American gay movement, this is a great place to go! @makinggayhistory

History is Gay: This is a newer one, and we are so very excited to see where they go with their work! They seem like they have some amazing stuff already so they are a great resource! @historyisgaypodcast

Visual Projects:

Queer Portraits in History: We have worked with these people before, and we truly love their work! They have such beautiful portraits and great write-ups. Really just an incredible project! @queersinhistory

Queering Up History: This is a project we love for obvious reasons, and you really should take the time to check out their work if you haven’t already! 


Surpassing the Love of Men: This is probably one of the most comprehensive books I have read about the evolution of relationships between women throughout history. 

The Construction of Homosexuality: I am still in the process of reading through this one, but it is really great and totally worth the time.

Harvards Secret Court: I loved this book. While it does focus on a specific moment in time instead of queer history as a whole, it still is vey contextualized and has some incredible information in it.


Find someone who makes the sunsets (or sunrises) better.

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This was a present for a very important person in my life after she moved on to a new job. This is her puppy Ernie and he’s a sweetheart that I used to pet sit. His moms are amazing.

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So after making a bunch of complex pieces, I decided to go for some cute Hogwarts pride. Much simpler than a house crest

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And here is the Graduation Cap in all it’s glory! I look forward to wearing this on May 5th  <3

(The quote is from Eeyore, but I wanted to wear Pooh)


Quoiromantic: experiencing something between platonic and romantic attraction or being unable to differentiate between platonic and romantic or not knowing what romantic attraction feels like so not knowing if you experience it.

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I came across the Genderflux Pride Flag the other day and realized it wasn’t in my set of pride flags, so here it is!

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I had a bunch of old greeting cards lying around, so I made a new greeting card…

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@krist0pher suggested that I make a house plant, so this one is based off of my own succulent! I’m really happy with how this turned out.

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A fun little doodle of mine from last night 🙂