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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Join our 2019 Queer Holiday Gift Guide! Your work could be the perfect gift this holiday season, and we want to make sure it’s seen. Our gift guide features queer artists from around the world offering their art, writing, readings, and more.

This is not just a call for artists, but all queer creators! We want to share your queer businesses, projects, and works. It just takes a quick form telling us about yourself and your work.

We’ll be accepting submissions through our website through October 31.

And keep an eye out for holiday sales from our very own shop these coming weeks!

Submit your shop + work at

[Image Description: a photo of Fereydoun Farrokhzad, an Iranian man with dark hair slicked back and a dark mustache, against an orange background. He has his hands up, gold rings on both hands. He is wearing a black suit, a ruffled white shirt, and an orange boutonniere.

“Do not abandon the love, because you are alone in Iran.
I am by your side and you are in our thoughts.” — Fereydoun Farrokhzad


Me every podcast editing day:

[Image Description: a screenshot from Chris Fleming’s video “Comapny is Coming.” The caption has been edited to say “Get rid of the Exhales. We can’t let people know we Breathe.”]

[Image Description: 9 squares in shades of purple and green. The center reads, “2018 Queer Holiday Gift Guide.” From top to bottom, the squares are a jar of bath salts, a book, a camera and paintbrush, an iced coffee and paintbrush, a green carnation with “MQH” over, a bracelet and earrings, and a tarot card, needle, and thread.]

It’s finally here! Our 2018 Queer Holiday Gift Guide has finally arrived. 

1. AceshopCo (Health & Beauty)

A queer-owned health and beauty shop selling personalized bath products including bombs, salts, herbs, and soap, as well as handmade clothing.

2. Voices in Counterpoint: A poetry conversation about dominance and submission (Books & Writing)

An art and poetry novel written by two queer women about kink, sexuality, the dynamics, and how the two women are mirrors of each other in their exploration of dominance and submission. Mature content.

3. Delightful Art (Art)

A queer-owned shop of watercolour, ink, and digital wall art, home decor, and stationery, as well as stunning nature photography.

4. God Save the Queers (Jewelry & Accessories)

A jewelry and accessory shop offering queer and magical items. The shop exists with the aim to bring representation and positivity with inclusive, affordable pieces full of bright colours, gemstones, natural elements and glitter.

5. Rainbow Flowers: An Exploration of Yoga and Identity (Books & Writing)

A book telling stories of queer folks and their experiences with yoga. The book follows the story of one person’s story while blending other vignettes.

6. WallaceHope (Tarot, Art)

A shop offering queer tarot, including A Queerer Tarot, hand-embroidery, fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. Their Color Theory Oracle Deck is currently available on Kickstarter.

7. Coffee and the Artist

A shop run by Dean, the editor of Making Queer History. Their work focuses as much on disability-representation as it does coffee.

8. Making Queer History

Of course, the Making Queer History shop; the perfect place to find all your queer goodies all year round.

We apologize for the lateness; we know Hanukkah is in full swing and gifts of all sorts are already being bought, and we’ll be preparing earlier next year. 

2018 Queer Holiday Gift Guide

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Remember, this is the last week to join this year’s gift guide!

This is not just a call for artists, but all queer creators! We want to share your queer businesses, projects, and works. It just takes a quick form telling us about yourself and your work.

And keep an eye out for holiday sales from our very own shop these coming weeks!

Join on our website!

Hey, we have a couple of questions in our inbox asking for additional queer history resources, and we wanted to give you all some cool options!

These are all projects that have a base outside of social media so we might not have some of your favourites included.


Queer as Fact: We love this project, and they are doing some great work. They have so much detail and passion going into the work they do, check them out! @queerasfact

Making Gay History: Yes, our names are surprisingly similar, yes, it was a total coincidence, you can find out more about how we came up with our name on our Q&A patron exclusive podcast episode. They are also just an amazing project, they had tons of interviews along with a couple of other cool things, and have recorded an incredible amount of oral history. If you are looking for details into the American gay movement, this is a great place to go! @makinggayhistory

History is Gay: This is a newer one, and we are so very excited to see where they go with their work! They seem like they have some amazing stuff already so they are a great resource! @historyisgaypodcast

Visual Projects:

Queer Portraits in History: We have worked with these people before, and we truly love their work! They have such beautiful portraits and great write-ups. Really just an incredible project! @queersinhistory

Queering Up History: This is a project we love for obvious reasons, and you really should take the time to check out their work if you haven’t already! 


Surpassing the Love of Men: This is probably one of the most comprehensive books I have read about the evolution of relationships between women throughout history. 

The Construction of Homosexuality: I am still in the process of reading through this one, but it is really great and totally worth the time.

Harvards Secret Court: I loved this book. While it does focus on a specific moment in time instead of queer history as a whole, it still is vey contextualized and has some incredible information in it.

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Surprise, Red Patrons!

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To show how much we genuinely appreciate everyone who supports us, we have a fundraiser exclusive for Red tier patrons too! New red tier patrons will receive a die-cut vinyl sticker with the same floral design featured on all FQH rewards.

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[Image Description: A row of physical pamphlets on LGBTQ+ identity, the first six produced for Queer Condensed. They sit on a table with a trans flag as a tablecloth. Temporary tattoos and magnets can be seen behind them.]

Welcome Message v2.0 + Opportunities to Help!

Hey there! I’m Lorant (they/them/theirs), the author / designer / everything else currently behind Queer Condensed. I wanted to write this post to explain the project a bit better – where it’s been, what’s going on, and what it’s doing.

There is a small Q&A you can get to by clicking on this text, but I figured that a project summary would do well, and also I want to participate in Making Queer History’s Queerworks Fridays.

Anyways, Queer Condensed is a project aimed at making clean, accessible, short resources on queer topics since a lot of times, things that can be easily printed out are behind paywalls or outdated (or both) and the better resources are often articles that take a while to read and can’t be easily printed out and shown to people. It started as a class project in fall of 2016 thanks to the help of my two classmates, and I decided to keep working away at it.

Updates are pretty slow, but they’re happening! Since the initial six-pamphlet run of the project, I’ve added two new pamphlets, updated three of the originals, and created one-page guides for chest binding and packing. Currently I’m working on minor updates like adding image descriptions to my posts, creating a template that pamphlets can be based on and updated to, and making the Tumblr easier to navigate for people not used to the site. I also have several pamphlets / guides planned, including making more specified Asexual and Transgender pamphlets, writing one-page guides to dysphoria-relieving items for transfeminine people, and possibly making introductions to historical people and events.

This is kind of a lot for one person and here’s where I get to the second purpose of this post – I need some help!

There’s a lot of small ways readers can help the project:

  • Look over pamphlets and send Queer Condensed an ask if there needs to be updates or fixes
  • Suggest resources for existing topics or blogs that are relevant to this project
  • Suggest new topics
  • Ask for the template and make your own pamphlet, which I can help you with and host on here or link to wherever you put it up
  • Reblog the posts or link to them from other social media
  • Critique my image descriptions – I’m very new to adding them and don’t really know if I’m doing a good job
  • Tell me how to make the blog or materials more accessible

This is very much a long shot, but I’d also really like to find a new project partner to work with. I’ve updated the Q&A (linked above) to reflect what I’m looking for to not make this long post any longer, but basically I’d love another writer or at least a moderator that has identities that differ from mine in some way. If you’re interested at all please check that out!

Anyway, thanks for reading this, it means a lot to me. I hope this was a good introduction or refresher to the project. Feel free to check out the resources or send the blog an ask. There’s also if you’d rather send an email.

A quick reminder: you’re fantastic.